24 octombrie 2013

Hello, Merkel here!

"Good evening to you and to our beloved listeners".
This is not a greeting from a broadcast program but a start on a normal phone conversation in Romania where, virtually, all the phone cand and seem to be intercepted for "state security reasons".
The "model" was imported from USA where the phone tapping is done by a special Court Order from a "special" judge and, usually, this order is associated with a "gag order" so no one cand control the arguments beside the tapping order.
So, now is the time to pay the "interest" in this procedures, I am sure that NSA intercepted Merkels phone like they (can) do it with everyone.
The only difference from this "affair" and "our" tappings is that we rapidly know from press leaks about the content of the tapped conversations if the "subjects" are somehow in opposition with the President Basescu.

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